Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering

Till now the field of Fire Engineering was nearly a neglected field but the present scenario of technology and scientific advancements, demands a fire risk management for the protection and safeguard of its newly acquired assets in terms of Information, Invention, and Infrastructure. The new fire Legislation Code in the country has made it mandatory for the installation of fire safety equipment in every building of specific nature (high rise, hospitals, shopping malls etc) and dimension used for different purposes. These legislations are to ensure that unsafe environment is obviated by the employment of trained/qualified manpower in the field of fire safety. The new laws envisage the fitment of adequate safeguards for the prevention of Fire by gadgetry, otherwise the clearance of a project will be denied. This will clearly demand the services of a trained Fire Engineer.

Fire technology and safety can be a great career opportunity for anyone looking for a challenging and competitive career.The demand of suitably trained firemen has exceeded the supply many folds in recent times, as in India there are very few institutions that are recognized by the State Government or Central Government and are imparting training in organized Fire Fighting and Fire Safety training.It needs no emphasis that Fire Engineering has emerged as an important career option also; it has lot of potential with ample employment opportunities in the concerned Private sectors as mentioned in succeeding paragraphs.The courses are designed in such a way that job compatibility of an individual who is only matriculate / intermediate increases substantially.Fire Management Safety courses basically require students to have completed 10+2. The eligibility required may vary from each course. These courses can be commonly pursued by:

  • Those who are already trained and have worked with companies but want to become fire safety officers, health and rescue professionals;
  • Those who are willing to work in specialized professions like fire and rescue such as aviation or fire safety/ fire prevention audits;
  • Those who want to develop and implement advanced knowledge and understanding in their occupation;
  • Fire service professionals or engineers who desire to implement their knowledge and understanding of fire safety, fire science and other specialized areas.

B. Tech Safety and Fire Engineering graduates have good job opportunities in electricity boards, government firefighting departments, oil companies, chemical plants, construction firms, refineries, fire safety training institutes, armed forces, etc.