Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering

Dr.Virender Kumar Garg


Mr. Virender Kumar Garg has been the source of inspiration in establishing Delhi Institute of Fire Engineering (DIFE). He is a renowned businessman, philanthropist and closely associated with many other educational, social and charitable institutions. The DIFE is a culmination of his foresight, thinking and interactive deliberations with other visionaries involved in welfare and social service activities for the well being of the society. His innovative ideas and the penchant for strategic leadership that is integral to his character convinced him to create an infrastructure for training the youth of today in the fields of various vocational skills so as to channelize their energies for the all-round development of the nation in safe & secure environment. 

It was the result of his great concern over the nightmarish scenes of inferno in recent fires and industrial accidents in the country in general and around Delhi in particular that gave our motto “BORN TO SAVE”. His perception which organized training in Fire Technology and Industrial Safety in Delhi would open relatively new venues for employment was also the genesis that gave birth to this Institute and is playing a major role in shaping the career of many a rural youth. It is the result of his able guidance and vision that the 'DIFE’ has been established on a firm foundation.